'Stunning...Confident...Takes you to another place'- BBC Radio West Midlands

'Truly Powerful'- Songwall


Birmingham-based singer-songwriter inspired by the likes of Valarie June,  Ellen Mcllwaine, Tracy Chapman, and Nina Simone.

Anne-Marie’s distinct vocal tone captivates audiences who enjoy soul, funk and blues with a hint of reggae, punk, and folk! Anne-Marie's unique musical style does not confine itself to one specific genre and she is a keen lover of William Onyeabor, Goat, and Tinariwen.  

Anne-Marie's lyrics are honest about the human condition, yet her music has an upbeat vibe to keep audiences smiling. Anne-Marie's songs tell stories of freedom, capitalism, and human connection, presenting a lucid lyrical landscape with percussive guitar rhythms. Anne-Marie's debut EP "Intuition" was released in May 2018, presenting a fresh new tone to the original live music scene.  

Over the years Anne-Marie has collaborated with a wide range of artists, DJ's, producers, and MC'S, performing gigs in the UK and abroad across various venues in a professional capacity. Anne-Marie is currently performing her gigs with Dominic James Hyde on guitar, occasional brass, and wind sections.

Her track “Zombie Paradise” was added to the Brum radio A list in April 2018 and was also selected to be played as part of the up and coming artists promotion for unsigned artists on Nova Radio station. Following the success of "Zombie Paradise" this track in addition to her track "Vibe Attracts a Tribe," was instantly selected by BBC Introducing and was played during two consecutive weeks on BBC radio West Midlands.

In 2019 Anne-Marie's track "I Like" was strongly shortlisted and performed at Thame Town Music Festival's songwriting competition. The judges included a wide range of industry professionals such as John Leckie-
Rock production Royalty. His production credits include  the
Stone Roses' The Stone Roses (1989), Radiohead's The Bends (1995), Muse's Origin of
Symmetry (2001). John Leckie has also worked with John
Lennon, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and many more.   

Anne-Marie's third BBC radio play was the title track for her debut EP "Intuition" in which BBC described the track as "Stunning...confident, and a lovely maturing sound that... takes you to another place."